Welcome to the

Mechatronics Research Group

-A Centre for Learning and Innovation-


The Mechatronics Research Group aims to conduct high quality fundamental and applied research within the integrated disciplines of electronics, control and software engineering that is innovative and relevant to the needs of the UK and European industry. The interests of the group are summarised in the following themes:

  • Assisted Living
  • Energy Management
  • Machine Design and Distributed Control Network
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Automation
  • Servo-Pneumatic Systems
  • Smart Actuators and Sensory Systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Virtual Engineering

The research goal of the group is the creation of a centre of excellence in 'intelligent machine systems design and control' which is recognised nationally and internationally for its contribution to the field. The Intelligent Machines and Automation Systems (IMAS) laboratory is located within Queens Building, Leicester Campus. The group has consciously developed active international research links and collaborations.